CNI / About Us


Who Is CNI?

Since our beginnings in 1997, Creative Network Innovations (CNI), a privately held corporation, has known its identity. We are who our clients need us to be.

CNI is not a limited set of products and services that restrict our clients to just a few choices. That would only take them part of the way to success. CNI is fluid and holistic, existing to provide IT solutions to organizations that are ever-changing, expanding and growing, as the very technology that fuels them does the same.

CNI custom tailors our services to our clients' organizations. We listen to what they need, then craft a support and services package to exceed their expectations on terms that align with their organization's goals. CNI possesses the attributes that discriminating clients demand in an IT provider -- exceptional quality, superior service and a world-class level of expertise.


Who Are CNI's Clients?

Our clients have a clear vision of success. They are focused on prioritizing the evolution of their business, not the complexities and distracting details of the IT that supports it. That's why they turn to CNI.

CNI gives our clients renowned red carpet treatment, which includes an extraordinary level of service and quality in facilities, connectivity and support. We are tirelessly responsive to our customers' needs, giving them immediate access to our team of top-tier professionals, high-quality data center and exceptional office facilities.

We maintain our headquarters in Melbourne, Florida, a high-tech corridor on Florida's east coast, where we are recognized as one of the leading businesses in the area. For more information about our services, our onsite team, or our ability to serve your organization as an agnostic resource for all your IT needs, contact us today.