Hybrid Cloud

the perfect mix of private & public cloud benefits that align with your goals

Begin exceeding goals with a hybrid cloud solution

Seamlessly blend on-site computing, storage, and legacy systems with private and public cloud to maximize capability and minimize costs. Creative Network Innovation’s team of IT professionals can design and execute a custom solution to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Maximized Efficiency

Hybrid solutions combine the best aspects of cloud and on-premise systems, delivering maximum value without sacrificing quality. Discover how hybrid cloud can give you better reliability, more power, and faster integration at surprisingly low costs .

Improved Flexibility

Design a blended system to capitalize on existing IT investments, maintain full control of your data, and securely engage cloud resources on your terms without becoming "locked in" to a single provider or platform.

Intelligent Architecture

Leading organizations rely on experts to align IT resources to verified needs, to build a foundation on fact, instead of trends and hype. Let CNI experts demonstrate how intelligent architecture, and the proper application of legacy and evolving technology, can give you a competitive edge.

Comprehensive Hybrid Cloud Support

CNI supports deployment, migration, conversion and integration across a wide range of modern platforms and legacy systems

When it’s Time to Consider Hybrid Cloud:

  • Meet compliance regulations but retain control
  • Manage costs while leveraging cloud deployment
  • Avoid commitment / single point of failure
  • Integrate cloud seamlessly into existing IT
  • Partition public resources from secured data
  • Merge dedicated compute with cloud frontend
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