Because you demand technical excellence, here at CNI, we deliver nothing less.

Expertise, At Your Command

Your very success depends on your technical provider's quality of service and level of expertise. Without exception, CNI's superior proficiency and incomparable commitment to service sets us apart in the field to put you ahead in the marketplace. We're one of a rare group of enterprises that maintain a team of Cisco Certified Experts on site. In doing so, we build a dedicated relationship with you, so that we may foster your growth and bring you, our preferred customer, the innovation, security and performance you know you can rely on. That's our expertise, at your command. And that means your success.

World-Class Service

Get the attentive, world-class technical service your business requires to maintain seamless business continuity and your edge over the competition. At CNI, we recognize our clients are exceptional, driven and solution-focused. That's why nothing less than dedicated, world-class service will do -- direct, 24/7 service delivered by top-tier specialists in the industry. Without exception, our dedicated account management team offers personalized, uncompromising performance to keep your organization operating at optimal capacity at all times.

Best Value and ROI

No matter the size of your enterprise, CNI is committed to delivering value by providing best-practice approaches and best-in-class resources at competitive prices. We recognize the value of your systems is incalculable. The core of your very business relies on the continuous, seamless flow of information, security and superior functionality. Because we practice proactive systems management rather than a reactive methodology, we're able to save our clients thousands of dollars each year. With a laser-focus on quality, service and superior expertise, our clients know they're receiving the best value for their budget and a significant return on investment as we help their businesses grow.

Consistent Performance

"For over 8 years, CNI has consistently provided reliable solutions to Accent and are instrumental in architecting and maintaining our geographically diverse HA solutions. Zero seconds of downtime in eight years speaks for itself."

Pete McChrystal, Accent Technologies