making development easier to understand, test, and maintain

Evolve your business operations with microservices

Build and maintain applications with ease with the help of microservices. Achieve higher agility and time-to-market through smaller, composable services.

Developer Independence

Improve development performance by reducing large teams into small teams working synonymously. Empower developers to rapidly deploy and test solutions with a full DevOps pipeline at a fraction of the cost of traditional development and staging environments.

Improved Scalability

Microservices enable organizations to decouple their business logic and data storage from traditionally heavy application servers and dedicated storage. Once free of constraints, these modular systems can quickly scale horizontally as needed, providing more resiliency and improved geographic performance.

Business Oriented Capabilities

Free your organization from complex management and configuration tasks while taking advantage of leading new technology. Microservices enable organizations to build modular, secure services with a vast array of exciting technologies that are "packaged" for quick and easy use. Explore the latest technologies on your desktop, build powerful capabilities, and deploy to production with the push of a button.

Let CNI show you how microservices can liberate productivity, and empower your organization to harness the next evolution in IT.

Broad Microservices And Container Support

CNI’s support team can assist with leading Microservices and Container technologies
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