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Customer Data Security and Privacy

As a service provider, CNI emphasizes the importance to the security and privacy of any information stored or transferred through our networks or services. All services that we provide are done so at the direction of our customers based on hosted data and services agreements. The services provided by CNI use appropriate and secure-by-design architectures, but it is important for customers to understand that security and privacy measures at an infrastructure level are only one part of an effective security and privacy solution. CNI provides flexible options for customers to control their services, manage their security and monitor compliance, however it is important that each customer take all required measures to protect their own data, their customer's data, and remain in compliance with any laws and regulations they are subject to.

CNI provides services at the direction of our customers and their authorized agents. We have no knowledge of the data that customers store, process, or transmit using CNI services. Since customers have a wide range of administrative control of their services, customers must take care to properly administer and operate their services otherwise they may reduce standard privacy or security effectiveness. Proper administration includes a wide range of security and privacy best practices, a selection of which include: proper credential management, appropriate encryption, updates, patching, data destruction, customer records retention limits, etc.

Customers retain full custody, control, and ownership of their data at all times in the services lifecycle, including the control of how their data is classified, exchanged, converted, accessed, encrypted, or otherwise processed using our services.

CNI is committed to the security and privacy of our services, and to our customers. We encourage customers to educate themselves on security and privacy concerns, including consultation with relevant legal counsel, to ensure customers adhere to all laws and regulations relevant to the use of services. Customers should contact CNI if they have any questions, concerns, or if they need assistance with specific requirements for security or privacy.

The CNI Privacy Center is where you will find current copies of any security, privacy, or compliance documents. You may view or download these documents using the links below.

CNI Privacy Policy contains the most recent revision of our official Privacy Policies and Procedures.

CNI Privacy Policy
(rev. May 23, 2018)

CNI Privacy Notice On Cookies and Related Technologies explains what types of cookies we use, what we use them for, and how you can control them.

CNI Notice On Cookies and Related Technologies
(rev. May 24, 2018)

CNI Statement On GDPR provides an overview of CNI's position on GDPR and offers insight for customers.

CNI Statement on GDPR
(rev. May 24, 2018)

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