Private Cloud

when security, performance, & management take priority

Evolve your business with a private cloud solution

Complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions to tailored with your operations in mind.

Increased Security

Dedicated, single-tenant hardware provides organizations an exceptional boost in security. With CNI, you know exactly where your servers are located, and you know the names of experts who support them.

Flexible Transitions

Relocate business critical resources and information to meet the exact specifications of your strategic IT goals. Spin up and tear down servers in mere moments without the hassle of finding a physical server to meet your needs.

Maximized Management

Boost the utilization of hardware resources through virtualization. Manage your servers effectively and efficiently by automatically allocating the necessary resources to a specific server during low usage.

Disaster Protection

Benefit from sophisticated availability, failover, and redundancy solutions to keep you online and secure, when you need it most. Put CNI's experience running data centers, and managing up-time solutions for some of the largest sites on the net, to work for you and your organization.

Save Time & Money

Reduce the amount of time and money your business allocates on hosting servers. CNI offers businesses top-tier private cloud solutions that meet exact specifications all at a competitive price.

Cloud Expertise Centered Around You

Expect superior customer support across other cloud technologies

When it’s Time to Consider Private Cloud

  • Meeting compliance regulations
  • Operating business-critical applications
  • Complying with data sovereignty
  • Recovering from disaster or attack
  • Consolidating data centers
  • Managing classified/private information
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