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full spectrum, full coverage IT support for maximized business performance

Tailored, full range IT support covers everything from hardware, infrastructure, networking, continuous integration, and so much more.

IT AssessmentsOur team of highly-trained technicians are ready to score each critical IT function of your organization.
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Network EngineeringEnd-to-end network management to enable the adoption of new technologies, maximize efficiency, and coordinate infrastructure for success.
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Digital ForensicsIdentify, trace, and analyze network intrusions as well as implement preventative security measures.
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Consultation & Technical LiaisonExpert advisement of effective IT solutions and clear communication between your current supporting roles.
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Enterprise SolutionsConsolidation of existing systems with updated, evolved technology made easy to guarantee maximized uptime.
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Risk ManagementAvoid cyber threats and network vulnerabilities with expert-level professionals who understand your operations.
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IT Assessments

Creative Network Innovations offers businesses a comprehensive approach to IT assessments based on evolved industry expertise. Our team of professionals understand the causes of performance gaps, inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, as well as the equipment needed to maximize business success.

  • Onboarding new IT hires
  • Determining misrepresentation of internal capabilities
  • Clarifying miscommunications between multiple support departments
  • Performing independent reviews
  • Identifying network, infrastructure, and security issues
  • Implementing preventative security measures

Understand where your IT operations could use some help so that your business can limit downtime and focus on what you do best.

Digital Forensics

In the modern workplace, a majority of business operations are conducted via computers with more and more information being stored each day. CNI’s team of forensic experts locate evidence through the process of strict industry protocols and utilizes a chain-of-custody procedure to ensure safe evidence handling. Our goal is to help businesses with the following:

  • Identifying all unwanted occurrences
  • Determining the effects placed on the network/organization
  • Acquiring supportive evidence in the pursuance of warranted legal proceedings
  • Implementing preventative security measures by analyzing previous events
  • Documenting procedures with developed policies to ensure proper incident response handling

Every business should have proper policies in place along with documentation that dictates how incidents that require forensic analysis should be handled. If an incident occurs, an organization can be held completely liable if there is proof of negligent compliance and disregard for data security.

Enterprise Solutions

Over the years, CNI has developed an evolved expertise implementing, managing, and supporting the enterprise. By combining a single-source of certified experience in hardware, software, and networking systems, CNI is a highly capable solution and support provider and uniquely capable to handle complex and multi-site enterprise needs including:

  • Enterprise Network LAN/WAN
  • Active Directory / Group Policy / LDAP / SSO
  • Windows Server, Exchange, Citrix, Quickbooks, Linux
  • Full Stack Management and Optimization
  • WiFi - Connected Devices - VOIP - Monitoring - IDS/IPS
  • Cloud Services Migration and Integration
  • Policy Enforcement - Enterprise Security

Let our professionals evaluate your current enterprise situation, and begin the process of evolving into a business that operates effectively and efficiently.

Network Engineering (Network Managed Services)

A properly managed network is essential to efficient, digital business. With the continuing trend of connecting everyone and everything, the performance and reliabilty of your network have a tremendous impact on almost every aspect of modern business.

Our highly qualified network engineers offer experienced LAN/WAN design and support, ranging from small office needs to complex multi-carrier enterprise WANs spanning the globe.

CNI is proud to be one of the few Cisco Premier Partners in our region, offering sales and support for business-class, Cisco hardware.

CNI’s expertise can evolve your network with:

  • Comprehensive LAN/WAN/VPN design, support, management and monitoring
  • Complementary IT support, technical liaison, and expert client advocacy
  • High Availability / DR
  • Data center services, on-site server support, platform migration, device configuration
  • Complex routing and switching solutions
  • Multi-carrier network support
  • Proprietary data systems, telemetry, legacy system support and modernization

Creative Network Innovations has the knowledge and experience to evolve your network today, and prepare you for what comes next.

Consultation & Technical Liaison

In order to stand out and remain competitive in today’s market, an organization must operate as efficiently as possible. Creative Network Innovations can help your business eliminate inefficiencies throughout the entire information technology process as well as create a functioning operational streamline. Take a look at the following consulting areas that have previously helped operations:

Cloud Consulting

  • Hosting and virtualization migration
  • Full spectrum management
  • Security development
  • Azure, AWS, DigitalOcean, Heroku

Technology Consulting

  • IT performance improvement
  • IT architecture and infrastructure design
  • Backup/disaster recovery
  • Solution review
  • Premise planning and site design

IT Security Consulting

  • Cloud security
  • Compliance and regulation management
  • Fail-safe backup and disaster recovery plans
  • Data security and penetration testing

By evaluating current operations and analyzing the opportunities for increased efficiency and effectiveness, your business can begin to see dramatic changes in operations that align with your strategic goals. Our team of consultants have the IT insight that businesses can benefit from now and into the future.

Risk Management

Creative Network Innovations takes internal and customer risk very seriously. In modern organizations, managing your IT risks effectively is critically important, yet too often, issues are only discovered when it's too late. With increasing legal concerns and heightened public scrutiny, IT risk management is a fundamental part of business today. Our risk management professionals understand these threats, and can help your organization identify and mitigate:

  • Web attacks
  • Backup and availability review and correction
  • Social engineering threats
  • Insecure networks
  • Obsolete or deprecated security
  • External and internal security assessments and remediation plans
  • Exploit analysis and mitigation
  • Administrative control

Reduce threats and vulnerabilities before they impact your business. Creative Network Innovations combines diligent review with best-practice approaches to ensure required levels of reliability and security are met, and you have peace of mind.

Start evolving with the help of our wide range of professional services.
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