Public Cloud

easy scalability & increased reliability tailored with your budget in mind

Making business easier with evolved cloud solutions

Public cloud solutions provide rapid deployment, flexibility, and cutting edge technology-- but they still must be managed. Improper design and inefficient management of cloud solutions can skyrocket recurring costs, put your data at risk, or worse. Don't go it alone. Cloud confidently with CNI managed cloud.

Evolved Cloud

Cloud solutions let organizations pay to use a range of IT resources and capacity, instead of managing their own hardware. When properly implemented, cloud can be an effective tool to scale, meet compliance requirements, and manage costs.

But your cloud must be managed. What is the backup strategy? Are your systems being actively patched? Are you paying for systems you don't need? Who has administrative control of your systems?

Whether you have an existing cloud solution, or you are just starting to explore your options, CNI can provide expert guidance and on-going management to ensure your cloud is secure, efficient, and always in your control.

Cost Effective

Maximize business efficiency through proper selection and management resource allocations. Cloud makes it easy for teams to deploy new servers, but realizing cost savings requires efficient design and vigilant management. Otherwise, you'll see savings evaporate, or even rising costs.

CNI helps organizations integrate the right cloud resources for their needs, and budget, while integrating workflow solutions to ensure accountability and oversight.

Need to manage cloud costs? Trust the certified experts at CNI to show you how efficient cloud can be.

Leading Innovation

Evolve your business with modern cloud capabilities that leap beyond out-of-date, legacy infrastructure.

The cloud moves fast. New innovations offer exciting opportunities, and competitive advantage, to organizations with the ability and experience to leverage powerful new technologies.

Let CNI help your organization go beyond the basics, and explore the true power of cloud computing, from virtual enterprise solutions to clustered data analysis and the frontiers of AI and XR.

IT is evolving.

Are you?

Comprehensive Public Cloud Support

CNI supports deployment, migration, conversion and integration across a wide range of modern platforms and legacy systems

When it’s Time to Consider Public Cloud

  • Managing small or large relational databases
  • Managing NoSQL databases
  • Developing multichannel applications
  • Recovering from disaster or attack
  • Operating with network appliances
  • Testing and development environments
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