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Get on the Open Road to Your Future with CNI

These days, the boundaries of business are unlimited, so CNI takes your enterprise wherever you need it to go. Effortless, seamless connectivity is realized when you rely on the expertise of the dedicated, certified CNI team to provide WAN and connectivity solutions for a wide range of your organizational needs.

From vanilla T1 and PRI services for more expansive connectivity, to Multi-Gigabit private lines with AES256 encryption for advanced performance and ultimate security, to Wi-Fi implementation and network design, CNI delivers superior IT services to your business.

CNI Connectivity & WAN Solutions

With end-to-end solutions tailored to your business needs, there's no telling how far CNI can take you. Contact CNI today to find out more about end-to-end solutions including business-class routers, switches, firewall capacity and availability specifications, all designed to meet your unique business needs.

T1, DS3 and Legacy

Imagine it -- copious amounts of data moved at lightning fast speeds, expanding your capabilities and skyrocketing productivity, all at a cost that ensures ROI. Find out how CNI can help your team work smarter and faster than ever before with turnkey, bonded solutions like T1 for faster, more reliable cost-effective internet transmission; DS3 to meet your ever-expanding need to move data quickly and seamlessly with bandwidth to spare; and legacy migration to ensure seamless business continuity while economically integrating state-of-the-art technology into your network With nationwide availability and a focus on enhancing and growing your business, CNI is the one to call.

Fiber and MetroEthernet

As your business expands, so do your IT needs. Unfortunately, operating costs tend to increase as well. Discover how the CNI experts can implement systems that are more flexible and scalable, while still being cost-effective, ensuring that your entire operation -- from your corporate office to every remote and satellite location -- is operating at consistent peak efficiency. Ask about our secure campus LAN and MetroEthernet solutions for superior convergence of Internet, data, voice and video at speeds that will not only keep up with you as you grow, but help you get there faster.


Trouble-free connectivity between your multiple branches is mission critical in order to maintain consistency and make data transfer and access between locations as quick and effortless as possible. Ensure a reliable, secure exchange by asking CNI to custom-design MPLS and VPN solutions for your organization. After all, for years now, enterprises just like yours have been turning to CNI's elite team of experts to supply end-to-end superior performance and personalized global solutions supported by a best-of-breed, fully redundant, multicarrier backbone network that eliminates the need for complex network management.