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IT Should Drive Your Business, Not Crash It.

Every day, enterprises like yours rely on the in-house Cisco Certified engineers at CNI for expert IT Consulting Services. That's because the time spent dealing with IT issues instead of your business can drive down productivity and profitability, and even affect business continuity.

But with CNI's on-site data center, superior pool of expert talent, and wide range of essential IT services, you get skillfully managed technology, beginning with our complete understanding of your needs and expectations.

We help you achieve your success from beginning to end by providing the security, functionality and proactive managed IT solutions your business requires. And that gives you technology peace of mind to help meet your business goals.

IT Solutions to Empower Your Success

You'll see greater productivity, minimized expense and ease of use with CNI's comprehensive suite of IT Consulting Services, including:


Learn how your organization can maintain rock-solid security and minimize DLP. CNI's certified experts perform WAN/LAN hardening and risk management reviews for organizations of all sizes.

Staff Vetting

How do you ensure you've retained the best of the best for your team? Trust CNI for interview and vetting services of potential hires on technical and executive levels.

Business Continuity

Could your business withstand lengthy downtime brought on by unforeseen disaster? Make sure you're prepared with practical disaster recovery and business continuity solutions from CNI.


Find out how to expand your efficiency & operate more cost effectively by simplifying your IT infrastructure. Trust CNI experts on how VMware & Virtualization can innovate & grow your business, while saving you money.

IT Consulting and Management

Discover how an accurate overview of your infrastructure can be critical to your success. CNI assesses your systems, then helps you strategically plan for the future with an IT Consulting and Management review.

PCI Resolution Services

Want to prove your business takes a proactive approach to security? Then it's time for the full PCI Scan and Resolution Service from CNI. Rest assured that your software, system, and hardware levels are continuously within compliance.

Network Engineering

Find out how you can gain both cost-savings and the confidence that comes from CNI's Cisco Certified network engineers providing full WAN/LAN design, troubleshooting and review services for expansion or problem isolation.

Technical Liaison Services

Did you know there's a way to resolve time-consuming IT issues effortlessly? Entrust CNI to manage them for you. Our on-site Cisco Certified engineers will work with your vendors or providers to eliminate problems, reduce resolution times, and ensure continuous, smooth operation.

For more information about CNI's IT Consulting Services, or any CNI IT solutions, contact us today.